In recent years, Senyuan has relied on "innovation driven, big project lead" strategy, and taken "product with chip, sales plus finance” strategy, which makes our EPC advantages become increasingly prominent. On the product side, we focus on the "big electrical" strategy, new energy photovoltaic and wind power generation, and vigorously promote the market share of the full range of new energy photovoltaic power generation equipment, such as SVG, inverter, special box-type transformer substation as well as charging devices for new energy vehicles. We have also initiated the "barter trade" business model, which greatly improves the primary business growth of the two sides. In projects construction, we have invested and constructed 200MW photovoltaic power plant in Lankao County; and the Yuzhou City photovoltaic power plant, covering an area of over 20 million square meters, has an installed capacity of 1GW; We have undertaken photovoltaic power generation projects in Ruzhou City and Shanxian County. We have also succeeded in constructing charging stations for Weihui City and Qixian County. As for the international market, we has been invited to visit Uganda and signed MOU with the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have built strategic partnership with Power China Kunming Engineering Co., Ltd., which helps Senyuan to win several bids and further fulfill its international market visions.