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Senyuan Group hold the Golden Autumn Student Subsidies Granting Ceremony

  August 27th, Senyuan Group held the Golden Autumn student subsidies granting ceremony in the conference center. During the ceremony, 37 children of our employees who will be entering into college this fall received the student subsidies.

  Chairman of the Group gave a speech during the ceremony. He said that student aid is not only important for current employees, but also beneficial for our future generations. By doing this, we fulfill the Senyuan philosophy which is service for customers and devote for the community. Mr. Chu also expressed his expectation to the students. He asked them first to be grateful, to their parents, to those who have given them a helping hand; second, to be independent, get ready for all kinds of challenge in life, and work hard toward a promising future; Third, to study hard at school and to make contribution to the national rejuvenation.

  Senior officials of the company attended the ceremony.