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Chairman Chu Jinfu wins the “Medal of Glorious Cause”

May 28, the third meeting of the 4th session of China Society for Promotion of the glorious cause was held in Beijing. The meeting nominated the entrepreneurs and companies that have made outstanding achievements during the year. Chairman Chu Jinfu become one of the 50 winners who were awarded the “Medal of Glorious Cause”. Provincial government officers presented awards to the winners.

As a private entrepreneur, Mr. Chu Jinfu always adheres to the operational concept of “serving the society and contributing to the country”. While making legal operation in the principle of honesty and integrity, he also earnestly fulfills social responsibility and actively participates in the Glorious Cause Program and social welfare activities. As of the end of the year 2011, he has donated more than 30 million Yuan for charity and public welfare including supporting the poor, livelihood, education, disaster relief, etc.

The main participants of the Glorious Cause Program are people from non-public sector, especially private enterprisers. It also encompasses Chinese businessmen from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the rest of the world at large. “Medal of Glorious Cause” is for people who have made outstanding achievements.