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Senyuan Group donates for Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management

May 19, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Tsinghua University’s EMBA forum “Strength to Support Enterprise Development”, Chairman Chu Jinfu of Senyuan Group (EMBA 2004) donated 10 million YUAN to Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. Dean of the School Professor Qian Yingyi, Deputy Dean of Tsinghua PBC School of Finance Professor Liao Li (former Deputy Dean of School of Economics and Management), and more than 300 Tsinghua EMBA school alumni and students attended the donation ceremony.

During the ceremony, Chairman Chu Jinfu delivered a check of 10 million YUAN to Dean Qian Yingyi. Mr. Chu wished to contribute to the development of his alma mater. Qian Yingyi expressed his sincere thankfulness to Mr. Chu, and he said that Mr. Chu’s donation at the 10th anniversary of Tsinghua EMBA has special meaning to the School, and he also wished that Senyuan Group would become bigger and stronger.

Chairman Chu Jinfu said that the company’s sales revenue was about 400 million YUAN when he attended the EMBA course, and now the sales venue is more than 6 billion YUAN. He said that the company’s rapid growth relied on his experience from Tsinghua EMBA course which enriched his business idea and allowed him to grasp every business opportunity. 

At last, Mr. Chu said that he wish the School will become a word-class business school, and he would continue to contribute for the School’s development.