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Senyuan Group’s 2017 Autumn Student Aid Ceremony was Held

  On August 26th, Senyuan group’s Autumn Student Aid Ceremony was hold at the Senyuan Group Conference Center. The president Chu Jinfu and vice President Qiao Qingzhou, Yang Heling, Chen Xishan, Kong Qingzhen, etc. with the general labor union president of Changge city Jia Zhaowu and vice president Sicaimei attended the ceremony, and student grants were awarded for 57 excellent students.

  On behalf of the Senyuan Group’s party committee and all staff, the president Chu Jinfu expressed hearty congratulation to all the excellent students and their parents. Chu always stated that the once-a-year Autumn Student Aid Program is very important to help students to realize their academic dreams, dedicate their love, carry forward China traditional virtues, and transmit social positive energy.


  The president Chu also putted forward three wished for the students: First, to be a person with firm conviction. It is very important to set lofty aspiration and firm ideals and beliefs, and closely link the individual’s aspiration to the future and destiny of our country. Second, to be a self-improving person. Students should make full use of hard-won learning opportunities and cherish precious youth time, and reward parents for their parenting gratitude. Third, to be a grateful person. The sincere care form all sectors of the community should be transformed into a power motivation for the gratitude society.

  Jia Zhaowu, president of general labor union of Changge city, fully affirmed the work of Senyuan Group in the social welfare activities such as the Autumn Student Aid.

  At the ceremony, the subsidized student representatives and parents’ representatives respectively spoke and expressed their gratitude for the company’s care. The students stated that they would work hard and return society with practical action.