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A Little Love Brings Greatness—Company Leader sending donated money to Yang jianzhong

  On the morning of September 21st, Senyuan’s leaders Zhao Zhongting, Zhang Yuxia and heads of relevant departments came over to the home of Yang Jianzhong, sending him 100,930 yuan donated by all the staff of Senyuan. Yang Jianzhong was injured in a car accident. The leaders asked him to take care of himself and recuperate at ease, striving for an early recovery.


  The donations made by the company staff not only provided sufficient funds for Yang Jianzhong’s re-operation, but also ignited hope for his plight.

  Senyuan has been acting on the principle of “helping those in distress and aiding those in peril” and “delivering positive beliefs”. With targeted poverty alleviation, annual needy student subsidy granting activities, hope school donation and building, Senyuan has been shouldering the social responsibility and moving forward.