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Senyuan Group•Changge City Love Transmission Association For the Poor Freshmen Grant Aid Ceremony

  The target of this donation was the 2017 freshmen who were too poor to pay for university fees, and the students were recommended by Changge city Love Transmission Association.

  On behalf of the Senyuan Group, the vice president Yang Heling expressed his hearty congratulations to the students, and expressed hearty gratitude to the staff from Changge Love Transmission Association for their sincere and selfless dedication to convey the positive energy.

  The vice president, Yang pointed out that Senyuan Group always adheres to the cooperate philosophy of “serving the society and contributing to the country.” While dedicating itself to development, it actively undertakes social responsibilities and actively participates in public welfare undertakings.

  Yang Heling stated that knowledge changes its fate and learning makes achievements in the future. I hope that the students will be a person with a firm belief, be a self-improving person, and be a person who knows how to be grateful. Aiming at lofty goals, conscientiously studying, and strengthening self-cultivation to serve the country, repay parents, and realize their value!