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Golden Autumn Fellowship Granting Ceremony

  The Party Committee and Labor Union of Senyuan Group held the 2016 Golden Autumn Fellowship Granting Ceremony in conference center on August 24th. During the ceremony, 54 children of our employees who will be entering into college this fall and 17 poverty students selected by Changge Love Association received the students’ subsidies.

  The secretary of Senyuan Party Committee and the Board chairman Chu Jinfu attended the ceremony and made an important speech. He pointed out students are the future and hope of our nation. He encouraged students to change their destiny by knowledge and also expressed his expectation and requirements. The first is to cherish the opportunity and study hard; the second is to be grateful and back to society.

  Feng Jintao, the funded student delegate, said that he would keep the entrustment in mind, study hard during the university and make himself a useful person for national construction and development. Liu Jiegui, the funded parent delegate, said that Senyuan provided him with a stable job and considerable income. He would continue to work hard with a grateful heart in the future work.

  Senyuan has attached great importance to public welfare education since its foundation. It built Yulin Senyuan Hope School, donated the teaching building of Tsinghua University and established the non-profit Senyuan University with Changge Government.

  The deputy secretary of Senyuan Party Committee Kong Qingzhen presided over the ceremony. Senior officials attended the ceremony.