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Inspire the potential of our employees, establish career development platform, and help the staff to realize their career goals, improve organizational capability

Guiding Concept

Inspire the staff by establishing a great cause, recruit by providing favorable salaries, improve cohesion with excellent culture, and help the staff to achieve success by building a good platform. 

Basic Strategy


We value both virtues and capabilities. We will recruit those who accept our corporate value and have good virtues and high capabilities. We respect personality difference and pay attention to the mutual complementation, in order to improve team performance.


Provide our staff with effective incentive mechanism. Provide the staff with favorable salaries and welfare according to the market standards to attract excellent talents. Implement positive incentive measures to inspire their innovation potential.

Value creation and sharing. Objectively evaluate employee responsibility, capability and performance, and inspire their enthusiasm to work together with the company.


Senyuan will provide reasonable welfare to guarantee the interests of all the staff who have contributed to the company; and we will also dismiss those who do not accept Senyuan’s value to keep good circulation of the talent system.