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  • end of December
    end of December

    At the end of December, two of Senyuan’s products passed the complete type test at KEMA Laboratory in the Netherlands.

  • December 26
    December 26

    On December 26, Senyuan was approved to establish “Henan Engineering Research Center on Nuclear Power Switchgear”.

  • December 16
    December 16

    On December 16, Yuzhou PV project and 220KV booster station project were successfully connected to the grid.

  • September 12
    September 12

    Professor Robert F. Curl, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry for the discovery of the nanomaterial buckminsterfullerene, and his wife visited Senyuan on September 12.

  • June 14
    June 14

    From June 13 to 14, 40 middle or senior officials of 27 countries from the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development at Peking University visited Senyuan.

  • April 8
    April 8

    On April 8, a key project inspection team led by Xie Fuzhan, the secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee, and Chen Runer, the governor of Henan Province, including other major leaders from 18 cities in the province came to Senyuan for research and guidance.

  • December 15
    December 15

    The mid-voltage high power frequency conversion laboratory was identified as national enterprise technology center by a notice jointly issued by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs and State Administration of Taxation.

  • December 10
    December 10

    16 new products and 10 scientific and technological achievements all passed the national identification. 

  • December 7
    December 7

    Five products have passed the complete type test in KEMA laboratory in Netherland and obtained the highest level-“complete” level test report and certificate.

  • November 26
    November 26

    The signing ceremony of postgraduate joint training base between Xi’an Jiaotong University Senyuan Group and commencement ceremony of advanced study institute was grand held in Senyuan.

  • August 22
    August 22

    The private placement share was officially listed and raised funds of 2.16 billion yuan.

  • August 19
    August 19

    The independently developed AGV-3T Vision-guided Heavy-duty Mobile Robot passed appraisal of new products.

  • August 12
    August 12

    The commencement ceremony of electrical industry base Phase III was held in Senyuan electric intelligent manufacturing industry park.

  • August 11
    August 11

    Senyuan signed the cooperation agreement with the government of Lankao County for the 500MW distributed PV anti-poverty project.

  • May 30
    May 30

    20MW was officially combined to the grid, which is the first phase of Yuzhou 1000MW PV power generation project.

  • May 18
    May 18

    The 20MW PV power plant of Mangchuan, Yuzhou was combined to the grid.

  • April 26
    April 26

    The 19.8MW PV power plant of Ruanping, Sanmenxia was combined to the grid.

  • December 16
    December 16

    Business Counselor Dr. Erfa Iqbal of Embassy of Pakistan visited Senyuan

  • December 10
    December 10

    Yuzhou 1,000MWp PV Power Project starts construction

  • October 14
    October 14

    Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Huai Jinpeng visited Senyuan

  • ​September 15
    ​September 15

    Deputy Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee Guo Gengmao Visited the Company

  • June 7
    June 7

    The State Council Steering Group visited Senyuan

  • April 21
    April 21

    Senyuan merged Beijing Dongbiao Electric Co., Ltd.

  • March 25
    March 25

    Governor of Henan Province Xie Fuzhan visited Senyuan

  • December 2014
    December 2014

    The Company organized the Working Conference of 2014 for High Voltage Switchgear and Direct-Current Power Supply Standardization Committee of China’s Electric Power Industry.

  • December 2014
    December 2014

    Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee Guo Gengmao visited Senyuan’s Photovoltaic Base in Lankao.

  • October 2014
    October 2014

    Senyuan started to build the Lankao Photovoltaic Base.

  • August 2014
    August 2014

    Senyuan Group was selected as one of the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises.

  • July 2014
    July 2014

    The second phase construction of Senyuan global manufacturing base completed successfully.

  • June 2014
    June 2014

    Wan Gang,Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Minister of Science and Technology visited Senyuan to review our  science and technology innovation.

  • May 2014
    May 2014

    Senyuan was selected as the 7th VP Member for the High Voltage Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.

  • January 2014
    January 2014

    Senyuan was awarded the 2013 Governor’s Quality Award of Henan Province.

  • December 2013
    December 2013

    Senyuan was awarded “National Benchmark Enterprise in Electronic Information Industry”.

  • December 2013
    December 2013

    Senyuan was awarded the title of “National Outstanding Enterprise in Intellectual Property” by State Intellectual Property Office.

  • September 2013
    September 2013

    Senyuan started to build the 2nd phase of Electric Industry Base.

  • June 10,2012
    June 10,2012

    Celebration ceremony for the 20th anniversary and the inauguration of the new plant was held.

  • March 2012
    March 2012

    Board Chairman and President Mr. Chu Jinfu was awarded “Economic Figure of the Year 2011”of Henan Province.

  • 2011

    The independently developed SAPF active power filter device was awarded Brand Name Product of Henan Province.

  • August 2010
    August 2010

    Senyuan was approved to build the “Postdoctoral Research Workstation” by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Administrative Committee of Post-Doctoral Researchers.

  • April 29,2010
    April 29,2010

    The Corner Stone Laying Ceremony of Henan Senyuan Group Electric Industry Base was held in Changge New District.

  • February 10,2010
    February 10,2010

    Senyuan Electric was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  • 2009

    Senyuan active power filter product won Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province.

  • November 26,2008
    November 26,2008

    Yulin Senyuan Hope Primary School was inaugurated.

  • July 2008
    July 2008

    Senyuan gained the approval of Science and Technology Bureau of Henan Province to build the Medium Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Unit Research Center.

  • 2007

    Senyuan was approved by Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province to establish the Wind Power Research Center; the first batch of wind solar street light products were put into use and won good social and economic benefits.

  • July 5,2006
    July 5,2006

    Governor of Henan Province Li Chengyu visited Senyuan.

  • May 6,2006
    May 6,2006

    Senyuan Hi-tech Industrial Park was put into operation in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province.

  • 2002

    Senyuan Group merged Henan Benma Co., Ltd. and conducted restructuring.

  • 2000

    Changge Switch Factory completed the shareholding reform and Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. Was founded under the approval of Henan Government.

  • 1997

    The disconnector switch products ranked first in terms of production and sales volume and market share

  • September 1996
    September 1996

    Senyuan merged Changge High-Voltage Electrical Appliances Factory. It was the first acquisition in the company’s history. It not only solved the demand for larger production site, but also realized a conceptual leap, which offered experience for future merge and acquisitions.

  • June 10,1992
    June 10,1992

    The predecessor of Senyuan Group “Changge Switch Factory” was founded by Mr. Chu Jinfu and his partners. The Factory mainly produced high voltage isolator for electrical components.